Our Services

Ascent Global Partners applies a range of recruitment strategies according to client needs. We aim to be a true resource for helping our clients grow their businesses.

Our Offering


Ascent Global Partners offers a bespoke recruitment service tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

Retained Search

Retained recruitment is a specialized approach where clients pay a partial fee upfront to initiate the process. The remaining fee is settled upon successful candidate placement. This structure ensures that the job is exclusively filled through Ascent Global Partners who commit to dedicate significant resources, conduct a market mapping and update the client with regular reports. Retained searches are typically used for discreet searches, senior level roles or niche searches.

Contained Search

A Contained search blends contingency and retained models. Clients pay an upfront fee to secure Ascent Global Partners time and resources, acting as a flexible deposit for future searches. As clients prioritize hiring needs, they seek trusted partnerships, moving beyond surface-level relationships. Container Search fosters trust-building while reducing financial risk. Our relationships often evolve into retainers as trust grows and staffing plans improve.  Expect seamless placements and comprehensive support.

Exclusive Search

Elevate your talent acquisition with our exclusive service. We offer a highly personalized approach, handpicking top-tier candidates exclusively for your organization. We are dedicated to prioritizing quality over quantity, ensuring a meticulous selection process tailored to your unique needs. Our focus on cultural fit and deep understanding sets us apart, guaranteeing the perfect match for enduring success.

Office Build-Out

Office Build-Out recruitment services are tailored for organizations requiring a large-scale workforce for specific projects or initiatives. Ascent Global Partners collaborates with the client to develop a customized recruitment plan and source the necessary talent.  This search is ideal for companies looking to enter Japan, start a new business or significantly expand their current operations within a short timeframe.

Contingent Search

Opt for our Contingency Search to benefit from the expertise of our industry professionals. We invest time to understand your job requirements, company culture, and desired candidate qualities. Leveraging this knowledge, our recruiters exhaustively explore diverse channels to identify the perfect fit. Rest assured, our fee is contingent upon successfully placing a candidate, aligning our success with yours.

Talent Mapping

Talent mapping services involve the strategic identification and assessment of potential candidates within specific industries or market segments. This proactive approach helps clients build a talent pipeline for future hiring needs.  This information can be leveraged for both open searches and as a valuable source of intelligence.  Talent mapping requires and upfront fee and typically takes between 2 weeks to 4 weeks to complete.

Cultural Sensitivity

We specialize in adapting to local markets and cultures.

Ascent Global Partners has a thorough understanding of the Japan market and as a firm, we are very conscious of Japanese culture. We have in the past placed hundreds of bilingual professionals with various backgrounds/cultures and have experienced the various issues that arise during the recruitment process in Japan (and in many cases overseas).

For this reason when we partner with our clients, our experience can greatly benefit the hiring process.

Our Offices


We excel in connecting businesses with exceptional candidates in these vibrant locations. With a strong presence in these regions, we offer unparalleled access to top-tier talent and exceptional career opportunities for job seekers.

We specialize in connecting candidates and businesses across the world. Our multilingual team ensures effective communication and seamless interactions, enabling us to provide tailored solutions for diverse language requirements.
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