Connecting top tech talent with visionary organizations, our recruitment practice drives digital innovation and fuels technological advancements for sustained success.


Areas of Coverage

Our technology recruitment practice specializes in connecting organizations with top-notch technology professionals who possess the skills, expertise, and innovative mindset to drive digital transformation, technological advancements, and strategic growth in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Cultural Sensitivity

We specialize in adapting to local markets and cultures

At Ascent Global Partners, we recognize the significance of cultural sensitivity in the recruitment landscape. Our commitment goes beyond borders, and we understand that success in the global market requires a deep appreciation for local cultures and practices. We take pride in our ability to adapt to the unique nuances of diverse markets, ensuring that our recruitment strategies resonate with the cultural fabric of each region. By embracing cultural sensitivity, we not only bridge gaps but also build trust and rapport with both clients and candidates. Our approach involves a careful blend of global expertise and local insights.

At Ascent Global Partners, cultural sensitivity is not just a value; it is an integral part of our DNA, guiding us in creating meaningful connections and fostering success in every corner of the world.

Our People

Meet Our Technology Consultants

Whether you’re seeking top-tier developers, skilled engineers, or visionary tech leaders, our experts excel in matching talent with opportunities.

Kesiah Esteban

Associate Consultant – Financial Technology

Primary Coverage: Financial Technology
Secondary Coverage: Financial Services & Technology
Industry Experience: 2 years
AGP Experience: 2 years
Languages: Tagalog & English
Hobbies: Cooking, Watching Movies & Hiking
Location: Philippines

Tom Donnelly

Principal Consultant – Industrial & Retail

Primary Coverage: Retail
Secondary Coverage: Industry & Technology
Industry Experience: 10 years
AGP Experience: 2 years
Languages: English & Japanese
Hobbies: Music, Gaming & Skateboarding
Location: Tokyo, Japan

John Byrne

Founder & CEO

Primary Coverage: Equity
Secondary Coverage: Legal, Technology & Asset Management
Industry Experience: 20
AGP Experience: 10
Languages: English & Japanese
Hobbies: Music, Crossfit & Psychology.
Location: Tokyo, Japan