Our Approach

Ascent Global Partners offers a bespoke recruitment service tailored specifically to each client’s needs. We engage closely to ensure the most appropriate and successful business approach.

Our People

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is designed to be systematic and efficient, ensuring a smooth and structured journey for both clients and candidates, as depicted in the accompanying graph.

Phase 1

Name or Data collection ​

During the Name or Data collection phase, we gather essential information about potential candidates.

Candidate Screening ​

Candidate Screening is conducted to evaluate the suitability of applicants based on predetermined criteria.

1st Contact (Email or Call)

The 1st Contact is made through email or call to establish initial communication with the candidate.

Resume Preparation ​

In the Resume Preparation stage, we assist candidates in optimizing their resumes for the best presentation.

Candidate Introduction ​

Candidate Introduction involves introducing qualified candidates to clients for further consideration.

Phase 2


In the CCM (Client Candidate Meeting) 1st and 2nd round phase, candidates undergo multiple interview rounds to assess their skills and fit.

Verbal Offer​

A Verbal Offer is extended to the selected candidate, indicating our client’s intent to hire.

Signed Offer

Once the candidate accepts, a Signed Offer is prepared to formalize the terms and conditions of employment.

Written ​Offer​

A Written Offer is shared with the candidate, outlining the details of the agreed-upon offer.

Phase 3


During the Resignation phase, we partner with the candidate to help them resign from their current job, preparing for the transition.

Work​ Pass-Over ​

Work Pass-Over involves transferring necessary responsibilities and knowledge from the candidate’s previous role.

Candidate Starts new job​

The Candidate Starts their new job, commencing their employment with our client’s organization.

Follow up with client and candidate

Follow-up with both the client and candidate is done to ensure satisfaction and address any post-placement concerns.