Introduction to Ascent Global Partners

Ascent Global Partners offers a bespoke recruitment service tailored specificallyto each client’s needs. We engage closely to ensure the most appropriate and successful business approach.


About Our Company

Who we are

Founded in June 2012, the firm is headquartered in Tokyo under the careful guidance of Representative Director John Byrne. Initially specializing in the Financial Services industry the company has grown exponentially to cover Consumer Markets, Technology, Legal and many other industries.  Ascent Global Partners consultants’ vast experience in working across global markets is founded on integrity and excellence.

Our Team

At Ascent Global Partners, our team is comprised of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of executive recruitment.  Our team is deeply committed to understanding the unique needs of our clients and delivering tailored solutions that align with their strategic goals. With a passion for building meaningful relationships, we take the time to connect with both clients and candidates on a personal level, fostering trust and mutual understanding.

Our Capabilities

Ascent Global Partners is a leading player in the recruitment industry, equipped with a comprehensive range of capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our extensive network and proactive sourcing strategies enable us to identify and engage with exceptional candidates across various industries. We specialize in senior-level searches, applying tailored search strategies including, retained, contained, office build outs, contingent and market mappings.


Our specialized expertise in various industries including Financial Services, Consumer, Legal, Compliance, and Technology enables us to go beyond traditional recruitment approaches, as we strategically identify and attract exceptional candidates who not only meet the technical requirements but also possess the industry-specific knowledge necessary to drive our clients’ success.  By aligning our recruitment efforts with these critical sectors, we enable our clients to secure unparalleled success.

Who We Are

What We Do

Ascent Global Partners takes pride in becoming the preeminent specialist recruitment firm for the industries we recruit in.  With our consultant’s combined industry experience, Ascent Global Partner’s clients are assured in the knowledge that we will find the most highly skilled and accomplished personnel to fulfill their specific hiring needs. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our partners and providing them with many years of steadfast service.



Unlock the power of exceptional talent by partnering with us to hire top-tier professionals who will drive your organization’s growth, innovation, and success.



Discover exciting career opportunities and unlock your full potential by partnering with us to find the perfect job that aligns with your skills, experience, and aspirations.



Embark on an enriching journey and be part of our dynamic team, where your talents will be valued, nurtured, and given the opportunity to thrive as you contribute to our collective success.