Julie Anne Manuel

Primary Coverage: Finance
Secondary Coverage: Legal, Technology & Retail
Location: Philippines
Phone number: +639-19-233-1363

Julie Anne is our Head of Research based in the Philippines

My Expertise

Upon joining Ascent Global Partners, my passion for research was reignited, and I embraced the opportunity to develop new skills under the guidance of senior consultants and the supportive team. I became proficient in conducting in-depth research of candidates in various industries such as finance, technology, retail, and legal.

My expertise lies in using keywords effectively for online searches to identify and connect with relevant professionals and potential job candidates. Doing this has not only helped me find top talent but has also contributed to building a robust professional network.  By leveraging these skills, I can effectively navigate our online vast user base and tap into valuable resources for networking and recruitment.

 My Area of Focus

As the Head of the Research team, I am committed to promoting an environment of collaboration and creativity primarily in introducing on-spec candidates to our valued clients. I empower my team members to excel by encouraging open communication, fostering a supportive atmosphere, and recognizing their contributions.

 My Background

I graduated in 2011 from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, where I completed a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Food Technology. However, instead of immediately pursuing a career in my field, I decided to dedicate myself to full-time volunteering for four years at the Philippine main branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In 2015, I transitioned to secular work and became an online researcher, specializing in lead generation and data entry. For nearly five years, I thoroughly enjoyed this role and honed various new skills. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I lost my job, but I didn’t let that setback deter me. I took on a part-time position as a general virtual assistant for a UK-based company catering to real estate businesses. Then after two years of missing the research work that I loved, I also applied for a position as an online researcher at Ascent Global Partners. With the support and guidance of senior consultants and the entire team, I continuously developed and refined my skills, leading to my recent promotion as the Head of the Research team. I am grateful for the diverse experiences that have shaped my professional journey and look forward to contributing further to the success of the company.