John Rich Herrera

Primary Coverage: LinkedIn Social Media
Secondary Coverage: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Youtube
Location: Philippines
Phone number: +639-19-233-1363

John Rich Herrera is our Social Media Manager

My Expertise

With expertise in Social Media Management, I specialize in creating engaging content, crafting compelling articles, and efficiently managing company social media channels. Additionally, my skill set extends to podcast editing, ensuring high-quality audio production. My dedication is focused on optimizing online presence, expanding brand reach, and fostering authentic connections with the audience, driving my professional pursuits.

 Area of Focus

As a Social Media Coordinator, my area of focus encompasses handling all social media platforms of the company, with particular emphasis on LinkedIn and Twitter. I am adept at creating captivating posts, engaging videos, and informative articles to maximize audience interaction. Additionally, I excel in podcast editing and have a knack for designing visually appealing thumbnails and audio graphs. With a holistic approach, I strive to optimize social media presence, amplify brand visibility, and deliver compelling content across multiple channels.

My Background

My journey began after completing my studies at Bulacan State University in the Philippines, which laid the groundwork for my professional journey. Starting as a Guest Service Attendant, I learned the importance of exceptional customer service, paving the way for my transition to an office environment as a Mortgage Consultant. Exploring different industries, I delved into Market Research, Business Consulting, and Social Media Management, continuously expanding my skills and knowledge. Alongside these experiences, I managed my own small business, gaining valuable insights into entrepreneurship. 

Currently, as a Social Media Coordinator and Podcast Manager at Ascent Global Partners, I am dedicated to maximizing the company’s social media presence. Outside of work, I cherish my passions for music, basketball, coffee-making, and spending quality time with my beloved dogs. Additionally, I find solace and purpose in reading the Bible and sharing its teachings with others, allowing me to grow spiritually and contribute positively to the lives of those around me. Each step of my journey has shaped me into a well-rounded professional, and I am excited for the future chapters yet to come.