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Bilingual, Specialized, Executives

Ascent Global Partners is a Tokyo based fully licensed recruitment firm. In the areas in which we focus, our consultants are market experts with years of experience in their relevant industries.


Years in business


Registered Candidates


Industries covered


Bilingual, Specialized, Executives

Ascent Global Partners is a Tokyo based fully licensed recruitment firm specializing in select industries. In the areas in which we focus, our consultants are market experts with years of experience in their relevant industries.


Years in business


Registered Candidates


Industries Covered


Our Offering


At Ascent Global Partners we work closely with select clients, providing you with up to date and relevant information regarding market and competitors movements.


Our candidates are guaranteed a confidential and discreet meeting with one of our experienced professionals. We provide a tailored and unique consultation.


We regularly provide management advise, career advise, competitor analysis, market mappings and other topics on our blog/social media platforms.

Japans unique labour market has a low unemployment rate, aging population and a strong commitment to "womenomics"

Japanese Employment Rate


Permanent vs Irregular Jobs


Employees 65 years or younger



Our Coverage

We specialize in the following industries.

Case Study:
Retained Search

Our consultants have experience successfully filling a retainer (10 employees) at an investment bank looking to rebuild their business. This is a more concentrated and methodical search method.

Case Study:
Office Build-Out

We have successfully worked with overseas clients opening an office and recruiting staff on the ground in Japan. This type of mandate often involves managing expectations from overseas and talking through cultural differences.

Case Study:
Opportunistic Introduction

At Ascent Global Partners we take pride in understanding and listening to our clients requirements. From time to time, we suggest opportunistic candidates which we think would benefit our clients.


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