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#6 – Japan Country Manager, CEO & Media Industry Specialist (Frank Foley)

byrnejohn October 15, 2021
Simon and John Careers
Simon and John Careers
#6 - Japan Country Manager, CEO & Media Industry Specialist (Frank Foley)

Originally from Ireland, Frank moved to Australia when he was 14 years old and then to Japan when he was 28 years old. Frank is fluent in Japanese and has been living in Japan for 30 years.

Frank has spent 22 of the 30 years in Japan working as a Country Manager. He has been Japan Country Head of Hit Entertainment (Thomas the tank Engine, Bob the Builder etc.) and Newscorp.

During the podcast Frank describes some of the cross cultural difficulties working in Japan between overseas management and local staff in addition to being preset at meetings between Masayoshi Son and Rupert Murdoch when they were bringing satellite TV to Japan.

Frank currently runs his own company called “The Next Big Thing K.K.” where he consults overseas companies regarding the Japanese market. Frank is launching a book next year about being a country manager in Japan.

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