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#5 – Japan Investment Banking CEO & Entrepreneur (David Shirt)

byrnejohn October 8, 2021
Simon and John Careers
Simon and John Careers
#5 - Japan Investment Banking CEO & Entrepreneur (David Shirt)

On this week’s podcast we interview David Shirt who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Astris Advisory.

Astris Advisory is a boutique financial firm started in 2018 which focuses on Corporate Advisory, Fund Placement, Investment Advisory and the Start-up industry. David discusses his journey from his childhood in Manchester (UK) to becoming the Japan Country Head of two investment banks in Japan, inspirational leaders he met along the way and what it was like during the bubble era in Japan.

David offers advise to people pursuing a career in the financial industry, his affinity for reading and Sheffield United in addition to never being too old to try new things. David’s podcast is an incredibly honest account of his career through adversity, hard work and triumph.

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