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#31 – Negotiating Salary after a Job Offer

byrnejohn April 22, 2022
Simon and John Careers
Simon and John Careers
#31 - Negotiating Salary after a Job Offer

On today’s episode Simon and John discuss why it’s important to secure the job before you actually try to negotiate the package.  The importance of understanding what the market is paying for your position and don’t be afraid to ask for more!

They recommend having a number in mind and make sure you stick to that number when you are negotiating, this is the importance of being consistent.  They discuss how sometimes it’s important to walk away from the negotiating table if you’re not happy with the offer contents.

Why Thursday is statistically proven to be the best day to negotiate your offer, the importance of your appearance and why downing a coffee before your offer meeting isn’t going to hinder your chances of walking away with something you’re happy with.

Lastly they discuss being empathetic and thinking about negotiating the offer from the other side of the table and finally, don’t take it personally if you don’t get the offer you were hoping for.

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