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#24 – Software Sales & Coaching Executive (Jay Revels)

byrnejohn March 2, 2022
Simon and John Careers
Simon and John Careers
#24 - Software Sales & Coaching Executive (Jay Revels)

On this episode of our podcast, we spoke with Jay Revels CEO and Founder of The Total Mindset which is a growth accelerator for small to midsize digital enterprises based in N. America, Europe and Australia with the strategic goal of starting or growing their Japanese businesses.

Jay has a distinguished 20-year career in enterprise technology sales and leadership development. Operating from Tokyo as a Managing Director for APAC, Jay built Japanese start-up operations for two US enterprise software firms, growing from $0 to $13 million AAR across four countries. At Adobe, his 60 person team delivered record quarterly revenue of $23 million, overseeing a $100 million book of business. As a cognitive coach and strategic advisor to CEOs, he works both the inner game of mindsets and the real world game of profitable growth.

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