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#14 – Creating a CV & Resume (CRL Ep. 4)

byrnejohn December 23, 2021
Simon and John Careers
Simon and John Careers
#14 – Creating a CV & Resume (CRL Ep. 4)
On this podcast, Simon and John offer advise on preparing your resume before applying for a job.  What do clients look for in your resume when they receive it?  They discuss Gaps in your resume, education, internship, work experience.  How expectations from a candidate applying in Japan are very different than overseas.
They also delve into the standard template used by professional recruitment firms, why PDFs are used instead of Microsoft word, the important of having a short and long resume which are written specifically for the job you’re applying for.
Lastly, the importance of your personal information and why all the rules go out the window with Japanese standard resumes.

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