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#11 – Career Advice from ex IBM Japan CEO (Paul Yonamine)

byrnejohn November 19, 2021
Simon and John Careers
Simon and John Careers
#11 - Career Advice from ex IBM Japan CEO (Paul Yonamine)

Paul Yonamine is Chairman and CEO of Central Pacific Financial Corp..  He previously ran IBM Japan, managing 50,000 people and when he left, the firm was generating revenues of 9 Billion USD per annum.  Paul also worked as CEO of Hitachi Consulting, Executive Vice President and Chairman of BearingPoint Asia Pacific and President of KPMG Consulting in Japan.

Paul speaks both native English and Japanese, holds a CPA and lives with his wife in Hawaii.

In the podcast, Paul discussed what it was like managing 50,000 people at IBM Japan, starting KPMG consulting from scratch in Japan and gives examples of how he sets the tone within the organizations that he runs.

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