Annick Jane

Primary Coverage: Japan
Secondary Coverage: Hong Kong
Location: Philippines
Phone number: +639-19-233-1363

Annick is part of our administration team based in the Philippines

My Expertise

I possess proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, enabling me to create polished documents, and captivating presentations, and efficiently manage data with precision and attention to detail. Alongside my expertise in Microsoft Office, I have extensive experience teaching English as a second language, allowing me to employ effective instructional strategies and provide language learners with the tools they need to enhance their communication skills and succeed in diverse linguistic environments.

Area of Focus

My area of focus centers around delivering exceptional document typing services for Ascent Global Partners, ensuring accurate and well-formatted documents that meet the organization’s standards and contribute to efficient operations. With sharp attention to detail and a commitment to quality, my expertise lies in producing professional and error-free typed documents that align with Ascent Global Partners’ objectives, bolstering their reputation for excellence in written communication.

 My Background

With a rich background in teaching English as a second language to a diverse range of students, I have honed my ability to effectively communicate and cater to the unique linguistic needs of individuals from various cultural backgrounds. Building upon my teaching experience, I have seamlessly transitioned into a role as a document typist for AGP, leveraging my linguistic expertise to ensure accurate and well-crafted documents that facilitate clear and professional communication within the organization.