Tips for Video Conference Interviews

October 2, 2020

Advance Planning:

  • Make sure that you send any materials (resume, etc.) that the recruiter needs in advance.
  • Arrive early so you have time to get situated.
  • Ask for assistance if you’re not sure how to use the equipment. Actually, even if you think you can figure it out, it’s good to ask for a quick overview.

What to Wear:

  • Dress professionally. Wear the same interview attire you would for an in-person interview.
  • Don’t make the same mistake one candidate did! He wore a suit jacket, dress shirt, and tie, presuming that only the top half would show. However, when he stood up the interviewer saw a full-length view, including the jeans he was wearing.

During the Video Interview:

  • Make sure the table is clean and neat. You don’t want to distract the interviewer.
  • Be aware that the microphone picks up all the noise in the room. Don’t tap your pen or shuffle papers.
  • Make eye contact. If you don’t the camera will be focused on the top of your head.
  • Use the Picture-in-Picture feature so you can see how you appear.

The Interview Process:

  • The interview process will be the same as an in-person interview. The interviewer’s objective (to screen candidates for employment) is the same.
  • You will be asked the same type of interview questions, be prepared to ask questions, as well.
  • If you’re not sure about how the interview is proceeding, it’s fine to ask the interviewer how you are doing.

What’s most important is to consider this type of interview is just as important as if you were meeting the interviewer in his or her office. The value, for yourself as well as for the hiring manager, is equivalent, and interviewing successfully, however it takes place, is the key to getting hired.

Video Interview Tips:

  • Review all the instructions. Ask for help (which is typically available online or by telephone) if you’re not sure how the webcam works or if you have questions.
  • Follow the directions.
  • Dress appropriately in professional interview attire, just like you would for an in-person interview.
  • Practice – if you have a webcam, record yourself to see how you appear on camera.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and the lighting.
  • Look at the camera, not down at the desk or table.

It’s important to remember that a video interview is a “real” interview, just like when you interview in an office. Your answers will be weighed and selection decisions will be made, just as they would if the interview was in-person. In fact, given that the interview can be scored and reviewed, it can be even more important than a typical first round phone or screening interview.



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