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#21 – The Pre-Recruitment/Pre-Hiring Phase (CLRL Ep. 1)

byrnejohn 2月 11, 2022
Simon and John Careers
Simon and John Careers
#21 - The Pre-Recruitment/Pre-Hiring Phase (CLRL Ep. 1)

The first episode in a 4 series podcast called the Client Recruitment Lifecycle, Simon & John discuss the mechanics of how an organisation runs its recruitment process internally.  The process starts with pre-hiring/planning to hire.  

How it all starts with a job description, then determining the interview process depending on the role and creating a list of questions around the role.  

They also discuss the sourcing strategy whether it would be online hiring, recruitment agents or new graduate hiring.  

How it’s important to create market visibility for the role, which platforms you use and finally building a pipeline of potential candidates for the role.

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