Ascent Global Partner's Principles

Our Core Values

At Ascent Global Partners we take pride in and stand by our knowledge of the APAC market. We aim to bring our clients the most relevant and up to date information and be a true resource for helping them grow their businesses. Each of our team members is an expert in their given capacity and takes pride in keeping astride of the changes and developments inherent in their industries.

Every market is influenced by the culture in which it resides. At Ascent Global Partners we address Japanese culture with the utmost sensitivity and adapt our international approach to the nuances therein.

Ascent Global Partners applies a range of recruitment strategies according to client needs. These include retained, exclusive, contingent and customized team buildout strategies. It is exceedingly important to us that our client’s needs are carefully considered and addressed effectively.

At Ascent Global Partners we wish to foster long term relationships with our clients. In order for these relationships to prosper we believe in developing strong partnerships built on dedicated service. In addition to finding the best potential recruits we offer advice on best recruitment practices, market salaries, competitor movements, organizational breakdown and strategic hiring opportunities.

At Ascent Global Partners we value integrity in our work. Our approach to business always considers the lasting significance of our efforts and commitment. We value long term relationships and ethical standards over short term gain. Our business is only as strong as the relationships we foster on both the client and candidate side. Honesty, integrity and commitment are the foundations on which we have built our service.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”
– D. Adams


Our Search Strategies

Retained Search

Our premier offering. We conduct thorough market research exclusively with your firm to complete the mandate.

Exclusive Search

Hired exclusively by a client to work on a mandate in an area where we are knowledge experts.

Office Build-Out

We have experience building an office on the ground and being a liaison for overseas hiring managers.

Cultural Sensitivity

Ascent Global Partners has a thorough understanding of the Japan market and as a firm, we are very conscious of Japanese culture. We have in the past placed hundreds of bilingual professionals with various backgrounds/cultures and have experienced the various issues that arise during the recruitment process in Japan (and in many cases overseas).

For this reason when we partner with our clients, our experience can greatly benefit the hiring process.

Your Hiring Needs

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