Rikiya Fukuchi

Primary Coverage: Consumer Markets
Secondary Coverage: Legal
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Phone number: 03-5577-4310

Rikiya is an Associate Consultant in our Japan Consumer Markets team

My Expertise

With a background in sales and a knack for building strong relationships, I bring a people-oriented approach to recruitment. Fluent in both English and native Japanese, I excel in effective communication and cultural understanding. Specializing in the consumer markets field, I am skilled at identifying top talent and matching them with the right opportunities. Through my expertise, I contribute to the success of organizations by sourcing exceptional consumer market professionals and facilitating their career growth.

Area of Focus

As a recruiter with a multicultural background and proficiency in both native Japanese and fluent English, my primary focus is on consumer markets recruitment.  I specialize in identifying and attracting top-tier executives, leveraging my industry knowledge and connections. By facilitating seamless matches between exceptional talent and organizations, I contribute to their growth and success.

My Background

Born and raised in Tokyo, with a unique multicultural background as the child of an English father and Japanese mother, I have always embraced diversity. After living in the UK for three years, I pursued my studies at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, graduating with a degree in International Management. Initially working in the automotive industry in Oita Prefecture, I discovered my passion for connecting with people, solving their desires and problems. Motivated by these experiences, I transitioned into the recruitment industry. In my free time, I enjoy activities such as taking a sauna, playing football, exploring nature, test driving new cars, and cherishing moments with my family and cats.