Precious Jade Macabante

Primary Coverage: Technology
Secondary Coverage: Finance
Location: Philippines
Phone number: +639-19-233-1363

Precious is a researcher based in the Philippines

My Expertise

Specializing research in the field of recruitment.  Collaborating closely with the consultants to actively search talents and qualified candidates. 

 Area of Focus

During my experience in the recruitment industry, my main focus has been on specializing on candidate search within the retail, financial services, and technology sectors.

 My Background

After achieving my Commerce degree, I worked as administrative support in a lead generation company for over 5 years, improving my research and computer skills. Amidst the pandemic, I transitioned my career to an ESL company, where I honed my English communication abilities during a two-year tenure. Finally, in September 2022, I joined Ascent Global Partners, initially as a Trainer before transitioning to the research team as a dedicated researcher. Alongside my professional endeavours, I also volunteer as a Bible teacher in Sign Language.