Kesiah Esteban

Primary Coverage: Financial Technology
Secondary Coverage: Technology
Location: Philippines
Phone number: +639-19-233-1363

Kesiah is part of our research team.

My Expertise

As I continue to grow in the recruitment industry, I have expanded my knowledge and expertise in sourcing the right talents for our clients and helping exceptional individuals discover great opportunities for themselves. With a proven track record of finding exceptional candidates, particularly within the financial technology sector, I am committed to providing valuable support to candidates, guiding them through the interview process, and helping them prepare effectively to enhance their chances of landing their desired positions.

Area of Focus

I specialize in conducting thorough searches within the financial and financial technology sectors, with a focus on application support, sales, and compliance roles. With my expertise and extensive network, I have a proven track record of successfully placing highly skilled professionals in this field. Additionally, I have also successfully placed exceptional candidates for roles within the retail and real estate industries.

My Background

After graduating from the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in Manila, I developed a strong passion for cooking and pastry. I began my career in the hospitality industry, working in hotels and restaurants to enhance my culinary skills and gain exposure to various dishes and cuisines. Unexpectedly, I transitioned into the world of virtual assistance as a movie reviewer on a popular app and later transitioned into the role of a Market Researcher, where I gained three years of valuable experience. During this time, I also launched my own pastry business, which allowed me to continue my personal and professional growth.

As a researcher at Ascent Global Partners. Despite the initial challenges of the recruitment field, I have received training and support from my colleagues, which has fuelled my genuine passion for helping people find excellent job opportunities. Outside of work, I value spending time with my family and dogs and finding joy in their company. I also enjoy indulging in iced lattes as a refreshing treat. Reading the Bible and sharing its teachings with others has been an important part of my life, allowing me to nurture my spiritual growth and make meaningful contributions to those around me.