Abigail Morales

Primary Coverage: Japan
Secondary Coverage: Hong Kong
Location: Philippines
Phone number: +639-19-233-1363

Abigail handles our administration and recruitment coordination

My Expertise

As an Administration Staff at Ascent Global Partners, I am responsible for coordinating meetings and handling necessary administrative work in the recruitment process. I excel at scheduling interviews, gathering accurate records, facilitating communication between candidates and clients and ensuring compliance with confidentiality.  With my ability, I contribute to the smooth functioning of the recruitment operations. 

 Area of Focus

I specialize in two key areas: (1) coordinating meetings and (2) internal administration and (3) preparing reports using Microsoft PowerBI. I have a lot of experience coordinating and organizing meetings, making sure that everyone is available and has the necessary information for their meeting.  Accuracy and attention to detail are important in preparing reports.  With accurate and leading reports, our company is able to stay on track with our goals and make any needed adjustments. I am in charge of the compilation, up-keeping, and visualization of data using Microsoft Power BI.

 My Background 

As a non-experienced individual entering the recruitment industry, I embarked on a journey of learning and growth. Over two years, I gained experience and developed skills in various areas, transforming into a proficient administrative and recruitment employee. I embraced technology and received training in recruitment software. I also became skilled in Microsoft Power BI for creating insightful reports on recruitment. The two-year journey equipped me with the necessary skills to contribute to the success of our recruitment firm.